Printed BOPP Self Adhesive Packing Tape


width Size Available

12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm, 48mm,
60mm, 72mm, 96mm, 144mm, 288mm, etc

Length Available

40mtrs, 50mtrs, 65mtrs, 650mtrs, 1000mtrs, etc.

Thickness Available

40microns, 43microns, 45microns, 50microns, 55microns, 60microns, etc


Base Material BOPP Film (Biaxillary Oriented Poly Propylene Film).
AdhesiveCoating Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Water Base Butly Actylic.
Elongation 119% (ASTM 0 638).
Adhesion to Steel More than 250 gms / cm or 625 gm /2.5 cm.
Rooling ball tack Less than 7.5 cms.
Sheer Strength more than 200 minuts.
Adhesion to self Less than 90 gms/cm.
Anchorage Less than 15%.
Printability Upto 6 colors as per specifactions by Rotogravure Printing.
Tensile Strength 378 kg/ cm2 (With ASTM 0638).
Self Life More than 36 months. *
180 Peel Adhesion (With ASTM 0-3330) 620g/inch.